Cambridge-JIC brings you OpenScope: the foundation to a new era of accessible microscopy.

Reducing cost

Increasing openness

Implementing software

3D printing components

The environmental impact of OpenScope has been analysed to identify the consequences of its use

The features of commercially available and open-source microscopes are compared to those of OpenScope to contextualise its capabilities

The potential for future integration into other hardware projects is considered, and the modularity of the microscope is explored

Choose between different features using our modular design. Find out the parts you'll need, their cost, and where we sourced them

Use the manual stage or go fully motorised for remote control

Capture images under brightfield, darkfield and fluorescence

All of our downloads. All in one place.

Find all the files you need to make your OpenScope, and so much more

Downloads mean that you can access the information about OpenScope offline.

They also provide more experimental detail about our project

Have a look at some of our favourite images taken over the summer.

From Aristolochia stem to z-axis translation system.