Meet the HKUST-Rice Advisors!

Hello from HKUST!

Cuellar Raul M.
4th year, BSc in Biological Sciences

This is the third year that Raul has been involved in iGEM, as well as the first year he participates as an advisor. He is very willing to share his view points and pass years of iGEM experiences. He is one of the busiest and most patient people in the lab, members queue up to show him their failing results and ask him “WHY?”. He has to answer everyone's questions, while having his own experiments going on at the same time. One more point to add, don’t be scared if he speaks mandarin to you.

Park Hojeong Bonnie
3rd year, BSc in Biochemistry and Cell Biology and Chemistry
Bonnie is a kind and amiable person, you will always find her around in the lab, ready to help out. She always carry with her a big smile and you will find her comfortable to talk with. Having Bonnie as one of the advisor in this year is definitely a pleasure for us.

Sulaiman Jordy Evan
3rd year, BEng in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Jordy is a year 3 student majoring in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. He is a very smart and diligent advisor who likes to ask questions and help others. He is an expert in painting. He also likes funny dolls and playing computer games. Sometimes he can be quiet serious and very critical, but he can also be funny and entertain others. Another thing about him is that he is always seen together with Nadia, another iGEM advisor.

Wong Ho Yin Bosco

Bosco is always in a pink, purple or light yellow shirt with a bottle of Coca Cola from McDonalds in his hand. He loves to make up Chinese characters on the white board and ask Raul to read them. He also loves to write all kinds of languages spoken by our teammates on the white board, even if nobody can understand since all of them are from google translator. But he is always there when we need help and always teaching us how to make the most of the source we have. No problem is too serious for him and we are so glad to have him by our side.

Bongso Nadia Benedicta
3rd year, BEng in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Nadia is a year 3 student majoring in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. She is a very cheerful advisor who always smiles and gives comfort to people around her. Although she likes to make people laugh and give humorous jokes, she can stay calm and able to talk wisely. Nadia is also very helpful in explaining papers to the members, she can explain it clearly and make people understand the materials that she presents. In short, she is a kind-hearted girl who likes to help others. Oh and another thing about her is that she always be seen together with Jordy in everywhere.

Tang Tsz Ching Chloe
3rd year, BSc in Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Chloe is a third year student majoring in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. She is one of the advisors that have trained members of this year. She has shared lots of points to note in MBMS lab and different lab techniques. However, after 1 year passed, Chloe is still being known as one of the top stalker in the team, which she never admitted that.

Aw Jacqueline Theeng Mei
3rd year, BSc in Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Jacqueline is a lovable and friendly person, she will be in the lab whenever she is free. Sometimes when you see her rush out of the lab, you will realize that she have to go to see her “fish”. She always share with us the funny things from last year’s team so as to cheer us up. It is our pleasure to have her as one of the advisor.

Welcome to Rice!

David Zong
2nd year PhD in Systems, Synthetic and Physical Biology
David Zong is a second year graduate student in Systems, Synthetic, and Physical biology. David is from Seattle, Washington and went to The University of Washington for his undergrad. There he was a member of the Washington iGEM team from 2010 to 2013. He is excited to advise an iGEM team for the first time! When not in lab, he enjoys watching the Seattle Mariners wallow in mediocrity.

Joshua Atkinson
3rd year PhD in Systems, Synthetic and Physical Biology
Josh Atkinson, a Michigan native and lover of cats, is a 3rd year Systems, Synthetic, and Physical Biology graduate student. He can be seen in habitats such as the Silberg Lab in Keck Hall or any local establishment selling craft beer (i.e. Valhalla, the graduate student pub also located in Keck Hall). Outside of Rice, Josh enjoys hiking and being an adventurer whose skill level is between that of Dora the Explorer and Indiana Jones. Most importantly, Josh was part of the 2012 University of Michigan iGEM team.