Requirements for a Bronze Medal

Registered as iGEM team participating in Giant Jamboree. And sure we had fun!

Here is our completed Judging Form.

This is our Project Description. Documentation of our team part can be found in our wiki as well as in the registry.

This is our poster.

Take a look at our Attribution page, thanks to everyone that offered to help our team!

PphoA (BBa_K1682013) is a new BioBrick to the iGEM registry.

Additional Requirements for a Silver Medal

We tested PkdpF, and it can sense potassium ion levels! Learn more on the Result page.

Check out the documentation of PkdpF (BBa_K1682009) on iGEM registry.

We were curious about the public perception on using Biosensors and we did thorough investigation on it.

Additional Requirements for a Gold Medal

Based on the information provided in the investigation, we decided to use a cell-free system to alleviate biosafety concerns.

ParaBAD is one of the most commonly used promoters in synthetic biology. Our team characterized it to test its “all-or-none” behavior. Check out this information on our wiki or in the iGEM registry.

Our team faced a problem with conveniently taking gel photos, so we built our own DIY gel imaging machine, and it worked!

Additional Achievement of Our Team

As a continuation of last year HKUST iGEM 2014 project, we followed up on ncRNA classification. An RFC document, "BBF_RFC_109_Categorization_of_ncRNA_in_Part_Registry", is accepted by the BioBrick Foundation.