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Our project explores complex communication in yeast communities, so we wanted to look at communication on other levels. We especially wanted to focus on how we as a team can communicate with the general public and other iGEM teams. Synthetic biology is often a misunderstood and enigmatic topic to the general public. One goal of our Human Practices was to bridge the often controversial divide between the public and synthetic biology through an easily accessible format - the Internet.

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Every year, iGEM teams across the world work diligently all summer long on their individual projects. And every year, these projects are documented on each team’s wiki page. Although wikis are a great, and open-source way to depict all aspects of a team’s project, it still requires a scientific background to fully understand, making it less accessible to a non-specialist audience.

For UCSF iGEM’s Policy and Practices this year, we are addressing issues of communication, specifically between the scientific community and the general public. We believe that by translating a team’s wiki page into a short, interesting video, we can better communicate our projects to everyone. UCSF iGEM encourages your team to be as creative as possible! This is a fantastic way to effectively convey your project not just to the iGEM community, but to the whole world in several short, easy minutes. You want your video to be informative, but also easily comprehensible for ANY viewer out there. Take this as an opportunity to explore new ways to communicate your awesome projects!

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In addition to working on our project, our team also assisted and collaborated with various other iGEM Teams. These interactions allowed us to form stronger connections in the iGEM community and ultimately benefited the projects of all parties involved.

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