Safety is our team's #1 priority. Throughout the summer, all team members practiced proper lab safety protocols, such as wearing personal protective equipment and disposing of materials into their correct areas. All lab work was kept at Biosafety Level 1 and team members were aware of any potential risks present in the lab.


In compliance with Cal/OSHA and UCSF Environmental Health and Safety, all team members are required to take several training courses before beginning laboratory work. These include: Laboratory Safety for Researchers, Biosafety Training, Laboratory Hazard Assessment Training (LHAT), Fire Safety, and Emergency Action Plan orientation. Biosafety Level 1 lab work is performed under approval of the Biological Use Authorization for PI Wendell Lim.


All team members were provided with personal fire retardant lab coats, protective eyewear, and disposable nitrile gloves. No other protective equipment was necessary.


All team members were taught all necessary emergency procedures. Specific locations were designated in the event of a fire, earthquake, or other emergency. Team members learned the locations of all nearby eye wash stations, showers, fire extinguishers, and fire escapes. All safety materials are centrally located in the Laboratory Safety Binder as reference in event of emergency.


All wet lab work is classified as Biosafety Level 1 and involved non-threatening materials and work with E.coli and auxotrophic S. cerevisiae cells. The majority of our manipulated genes are endogenous to S. cerevisiae and have no known risks, or are well characterized fluorescent reporters. All of our materials are properly disposed of into designated bio-hazard bins and kept within the lab area.


Our team's safety form is complete and was submitted on time. It can be found here.

Our team's safety spreadsheet is also complete and available for download here.