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We are the UCSF iGEM Team for 2015. We are a collection of students from several different schools -- four of us are students from UC Berkeley, one of us is a student from San Francisco State University, and five of us are recent graduates from Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco. Over the course of the summer, we have worked hard to produce a unique and creative project for iGEM.

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During the summer, a diverse group of five college students and five recent high school graduates came together to work on various components of the “Talk Alpha To Me” project. These parts ranged from the intricacies of creating and cloning our own genetic circuits, to learning how to program, and designing all of the parts for our website. Our team was also involved in collaborations with other teams and introduced Wiki Flicks - which encouraged teams to create personalized video abstracts for their projects.

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Our team this year was assisted by a large and diverse group of advisors and mentors. These people supported our efforts with informational lessons and demonstrations. From them, we learned valuable skills such as: modeling, proper lab protocols, graphic design, and programming. Thanks to their generous time and efforts, we were able to create this year's UCSF iGEM project.

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