The TJU iGEM 2015 team consists of students from different kind of majors and each of them has contributed a lot to the project. In this summer, we work together and share the pleasure of success with each other. What we learned or reaped is more than experiments skills or specialized knowledge, instead, the invaluable gift we received is our friendship, a broader vision and a sense of responsibility.


Yue Liu, the advisor of our team. She tirelessly and patiently assisted with us in project design, experiment operation, wiki construction, human practice and modeling.


Wei Ling, the team leader of TJU iGEM 2015. He gave us the clear orders and necessary instructions in project design, experiment operation, wiki construction, human practice.

Jiamei Zhang, one of the principals of wiki construction and presentation. Besides, she also offered help for experiment and project design.

Yi Jiao, one of the primary experiment operators and project designers.

Yanan Hou, primary principal for art & poster design and webpage maker.

Sijia Xiao, one of principals for wiki construction. Besides, she offered information on project design and assistance on experiment.

Tianyu Li, one of person in presentation. And she was also partly responsible for art & poster design, experiment assistance and project design.

Baode Sun, main principal for experiment operation.

Qucheng Lin, main principal for experiment operation. Also, he was partly responsible for project design and wiki assistance.

Yufei Xie, the wiki constructor who designed our notebook and protocols. Moreover, he also offered helps to experiment operation, wiki construction and project design.

Bofeng Zhang, one of the principals for modeling.

Zeqi Jin, responsible for experiment operation, project design and providing information for wiki construction.

Xi Lu, provided help for wiki construction, project design and experiment operation.

Fan Zhang, the major art & poster designer.

Wenjie Liao, chief modeling constructor, who also offered assistance to operation and project design.

Hui Yang, mainly responsible for experiment operation and project design.

Heming Xu, in charge of experiment operation.

Jiabei Li, provided assistance for experiment operation, modeling and project design.

Xinzi He, primitive designer of Human Practice and she also partly constructed our wiki.

High School Menbers

Junxin Chen, assisted our human practice sector.

Yixuan Li, assisted our human practice and project spread.


Our instructor Prof Yingjin Yuan and Dr. Bingzhi Li, for their constructive suggestions and meticulous guidance to our project.

Faculty Supervisor

Prof Tao Chen, for his providing us engineered E.coli and B. subtilis strains of high riboflavin yield.

Prof Hao Song, for his precious advice of MFC setup and improvements for culture conditions.

Project support and advice

James J Collins, from whose paper(Tunable protein degradation in bacteria) we get insights about mf-lon.

Zhenquan Lin, from whose paper(Metabolic engineering of Escherichia coli for the production of riboflavin) we have some inspiration on riboflavin production.

Beijing Institute of Technology, for helping us in modeling part.

Lanzhou University, for helping us optimize the culture medium and lhdE part.

Fundraising help and supports

School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, for providing us financial support.

Jiankun Foundation of the Office of International Cooperation, Tianjin University also funds transportation expenses.

Tianjin University, support us with the registry fee.

Difficult technique support

Shuang Liu, postgraduate student in prof. Chen’s lab, assisted us in flavins detection.

Pei Kang, postgraduate student in prof. Chen’s lab, offered guidance and assistance on two-step λ-Red knocking out method.

Boxuan Zeng, graduate student in prof. Yuan’s lab, assisted us greatly with general advice on lab technique and gave us some advice on project design.

Jinlai Zhang, graduate student in prof. Yuan’s lab, assisted us with general advice on lab technique and operations.

Hong Liu, Researcher Fellow, assisted in the construction and interpretation of our HPLC experiments.

Lab supports

Prof. Yingjin Yuan, provided us financial support for purchasing reagent and sharing equipment.

Prof. Tao Chen, supported us with strain B. subtilis RH33 and E.coli RF05S , which high-yield riboflavin.

Prof. Hao Song, helped and supported us with the MFC devices and strain S.oneidensis MR-1 and some key technologies of MFC cultivation.

The Key Laboratory of Systems Bioengineering, which provided us with all equipment and platform necessary to construct our parts and system that are indispensable to our success.

The Independent Innovation Fund provides the funding for some reagents, collaboration materials and transportation fees.

General support

Tianjin University, for their support in the competition.

School of chemical engineering and technology, Tianjin University, for their support in the competition.

Tianjin University International Cooperation Office, for their generous support in the competition.

Human practice supports

Senior high school student Yixuan Li and Junxin Cheng, for their promoting iGEM to high schools such as Tianjin Yaohua High School and Tianjin NO.1 high school.

Tianjin University of Science and Technology, for helping us promote iGEM to their students. They have a plan to construct a new team in next few years.

TingYue Deng and Li Ye from Tianjin University of Science and Technology, for their contribution and advice during their one-month intern.

Thanks and acknowledgements for all other people involved in helping make a successful iGEM team

We would like to thank all the people who came to our laboratory and progress presentations , and gave useful feedback.