Judging Criteria

Bronze Medal

√ 1. We have registered the Team TJU and we have worked whole summer prepared for Giant Jamboree.

√ 2. We have successfully completed and submitted our team’s iGEM 2015. Judging Form.

√ 3. We have created and shared a detailed description of our team’s project by iGEM wiki, and we have documented our parts using the Registry of Standard Biological Parts.

√ 4. We have well prepared the presentation of our Poster and Talk at the Giant Jamboree.

√ 5. We have already created the page of clear Attribution on our wiki.
(Including the detailed information about the division of work done by our team members. And we have clearly documented all the technique, funding, lab and general supports given by our instructors, faculty members, postgraduate students and other institutes.)

√ 6. We have documented BBa_K1696012, BBa_K1696006, BBa_K1696007 central to our project and submitted these parts to the iGEM Registry. All the submissions have adhered to the iGEM Registry guidelines.

Silver Medal

√ 1. We have experimentally validated our lactate producing system works as expected! And the core part of the system, BBa_K1696003 have proved to produce enough lactate in our MFC device. After the knockout of pflB, the strain has successfully produced 3g/L lactate with the part. It was higher than the strain which was only knockout pflB.

√ 2. We have submitted the part BBa_K1696003 to the iGEM Parts Registry. And it was different from the parts we documented in Bronze Medal.

√ 3. For Human Practices, firstly, we have writen and printed the first iGEM handbook in Chinese. Then we sent them to a lot of schools in China. For most schools, they have not participated or heard about iGEM before. Secondly, we went to TUST(Tianjin University of Science and Technology) to help the students there to start fore coming iGEM team next year. Thirdly, we have meet-ups with Univeristät des Saarlandes, Germany, Lanzhou University’s iGEM Team (LZU_China) and iGEM Foundation this year. Fourthly, we have combined our project with safety and public education.

Gold Medal

√ 1. We have expanded our silver medal Human practices on education and safety issues through a variety of forms. Firstly, we have promoted our iGEM Handbook in Chinese for propaganda and education to public and students in china. To be specific, we have open discussions on MFC safety issue with the public and received many meaningful feedbacks (For more detail Check Here). Related to our project execution, we have designed killing and dispersing system in our MFC device for environmental safety in human practice section (For more detail Check Here ).

√ 2. We have helped many iGEM teams and kept a good contact with all of them. First of all, we have mentored a newly registered high school SKLBC-GDSYZX by offering our experience and practical advices for a new team. Secondly, we helped BIT_China by modeling and stimulating their pH regulating system. Also, we assisted LZU-China by helping them characterize the new parts and debug the construct(For more detail Check Here ).l

√ 3. We have successfully improved the riboflavin yield by modified the rib cluster based on the part BBa_K1172303 constructed by 2013 iGEM Team Bielefelf-Germany. The improved part is BBa_K1696010.(for more detailed Click Here)

√ 4. We successfully constructed and well-characterized MFC micro-consortia system. We have successfully co-cultured three different species micro-organism including E.coli, B.subtilis and Shewanella. We have successfully improved the capability of our co-culture MFC and reached the voltage to 520mV by using glucose as carbon source.

Therefore, we believe that we deserve a Gold Medal Prize.